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Columbus, OH Duct Services

For traditional HVAC systems, ductwork is a vital component. The ventilation system (the V in HVAC) is what allows the cooled and heated air to actually reach your indoor living space. So, you need professional and reliable duct services to keep them in good shape. That’s where we come in! Who are we? Paramount Heating & Air is:

  • BBB A+ Rated
  • CBUS Top Pick HVAC Contractor 2018-2020
  • Local, Reliable, and Friendly!

From air duct testing and sealing to air duct replacement and cleaning, we offer it all.

Contact “The Service Guys in the Purple Trucks” today to schedule your professional duct services.

Air Duct Testing

Professional air duct testing involves our Columbus technicians using special tools and techniques to take a close look at your ductwork. We check for loose joints, tears, pinhole leaks, and more. Then we determine where and how your ductwork is leaking air and contributing to inefficient HVAC service in addition to poor indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning

We can say a lot of things our competitors can’t. This includes the fact that our service is personal and impressive, and we provide quality air duct cleaning in order to improve HVAC efficiency, your comfort, and your indoor air quality. Did you know the average 6-room home can accumulate 40 pounds of dust a year within the ductwork? Don’t let this be your home--reach out to us to schedule your air duct cleaning.

Air Duct Sealing

Store-bought duct tape will not do the trick when it comes to air duct sealing. This requires commercial-grade sealant. Paramount Heating & Air is unique in that we work with Aeroseal duct sealing, which is a process that uses a non-toxic mist that gets sprayed into the ducts, and effectively patches up tears and pinhole leaks to restore proper airflow through your ducts. Contact us today to learn more!

Join Our Maintenance Plan and Save Big

Both Heating & Cooling Systems safety & performance inspection / tune up – We go through your system with a fine tooth comb checking for anything that may cause you a problem with safety, reliability, and comfort in the future.

  • 20% discount on repair parts and labor
  • $500 towards complete systems replacement
  • 1 Year labor guarantee on parts & labor