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Heat Pump Services in Columbus, OH

Tired of searching for an HVAC company that provides local, reliable, and friendly service? Look no further! Turn to Paramount Heating & Air for your heat pump services and receive knowledgeable and personable service. We are:

  • Local, Reliable, and Friendly!
  • A+ Rated by the BBB
  • A CBUS Top Pick HVAC Contractor 2018-2020

Heat pump systems need special attention, considering they are two-in-one systems. They even require twice a year heat pump maintenance. You need qualified technicians for this kind of work--you need our team!

For expert heat pump services in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, contact Paramount Heating & Air--“The Guys in the Purple Service Trucks!”

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation is a lot like central air conditioning installation, with one very important difference. Heat pumps have a component in them called a reversing valve that allows the refrigerant to switch directions, making these effective air conditioners and efficient heating systems.

Heat Pump Replacement

How can you tell if you need heat pump replacement? Age is the most important factor here. When well maintained, a heat pump system can last about 10-15 years. Once it reaches this point, you should watch out for indications of disrepair such as:

  • Frequent Repair Needs
  • Loud Noises That Don’t Go Away With Repairs
  • Higher Than Average Energy Bills, Signaling Inefficiency

We’re proud to offer quality HVAC service to residents all throughout Columbus and the surrounding communities.

Heat Pump Repair

The best way to fend off the worst heat pump repair needs is with routine heat pump maintenance. Ask about our maintenance agreement! Heat pump maintenance should be done twice a year since this is a two-in-one system, and plan members get these visits in addition to discounts on parts and labor, a 1-year parts and labor guarantee, and much more. Plus when you do need repairs, we’re the team to call.

Join Our Maintenance Plan and Save Big

Both Heating & Cooling Systems safety & performance inspection / tune up – We go through your system with a fine tooth comb checking for anything that may cause you a problem with safety, reliability, and comfort in the future.

  • 20% discount on repair parts and labor
  • $500 towards complete systems replacement
  • 1 Year labor guarantee on parts & labor